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What is Island Time

What exactly is the definition of "Island Time"? To most of you it probably goes something like this.. Taking life slow and finding that some things don't necessarily need to assume a schedule, right? 

Perhaps it's a way of life or way of looking at things. Maybe it's a state of mind. 

One person told me that Island Time to them meant a time later than what the clock says. Another concluded that it meant "the unwillingness to conform to the norms and structure of a governed society". 

I agree to some extent to both responses, but I feel "Island Time" more so encompasses a way of life in relation to the attitude you have about the world and the people around you.

Isn't it ironic that our fellow islanders have far less worldly possessions, and yet their love for life is more enriched simply by their enjoyment of a passing moment? They are living Island Time, because they are not concerned by yesterday nor consumed by tomorrow but fully involved in today. 



Discover more of the world on a cruise. Ships boast dazzling amenities, including 5-star accommodations and dining, onboard thrills from casinos to water slides, and unique cultural and educational opportunities. Explore the high seas on an ocean cruise or experience a country’s interior on a river cruise. Cruise vacations offer all-inclusive benefits with the flexibility to explore the world’s port cities. With more options to take you to exotic and far-flung destinations, Vacation Planning Center’s cruise vacation packages make it easier than ever to discover the world.



When it comes to vacations, there are as many ways to explore the world as there are people on it. Our family's favorite place is St John in the US Virgin Islands. From renting 1 bedroom condos to 4 bedroom million dollar houses, the location of the island and variety of beaches and dining options can not compare. 

And for the adventurous side, why not rent a sailboat or motoryacht and explore the many islands and cays the USVI and BVI have to offer? Snorkle, scuba and eat fresh lobster every day if you want. Count the shooting stars at night and slip into a state of nirvana. Hire a captain and mate or be your own captain and take a journey of a lifetim

Of course, there are many other types of vacations and people who vacation. Honeymooners or adults-only vacations connect you with each other and your destination. If you want it all, our all-inclusive or luxury vacations have you covered at some of the world’s most popular resorts. Do more with our casino or golf and spa vacations. Take a journey with our exotic vacations. Whether you’re planning a cruise or a last-minute break to your favorite city—your Vacation Planning Center consultant can match you with a vacation package that’s just your style.

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